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Weakness ≠ Pain

Just like pain is not caused by having more birthdays, pain is NOT caused by weakness. If anyone tells you that you have pain because a certain muscle is weak they are narrow minded, near sighted, and lack understanding of how the body is knit together and truly works as a unit. An easy example…
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Age Is Only A Number

If pain is a part of being old why doesn’t everyone your age and older feel just as bad as you or worse? If bone spurs are a natural process why do all people not have to have bone spurs removed surgically? If discs herniate because of wear and tear why do all people not…
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Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself: Overhead

Know Your Boundaries… If you do any type of training there is a high probability that you are spending time in the overhead position. In most cases, whatever the training mode is, full overhead motion is required. When it is not required… you should still have full availability anyway. We love to give our athletes…
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The Negative Cycle of Healthcare

Healthcare is messed up. Healthcare may actually be the biggest racket on earth. It costs too much, is difficult to access, and outside of life saving procedures, is pretty underwhelming. In terms of quality patient care, attention to detail, and doing things in an order that makes any kind of sense it is sorely lacking.…
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Navigating Your Way From Injury To Sport: Strength & Conditioning

You’re Not Quite There Yet… Even though you are coming off some rehab where you really took the time to improve your mobility and movement control as well as decrease pain you are still not quite ready to get back at it. Why you may ask? You are thinking you are moving well, you are…
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