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Navigating Your Way From Injury To Sport: Strength & Conditioning

Navigating Your Way From Injury To Sport: Strength & Conditioning

You're Not Quite There Yet...

Even though you are coming off some rehab where you really took the time to improve your mobility and movement control as well as decrease pain you are still not quite ready to get back at it. Why you may ask? You are thinking you are moving well, you are pain free, and you have probably been doing some exercising already. Whats the big deal about easing back into your sport or activity.


If you remember from the ultimate guide breakdown videos, we dont really think there is such a thing as easing back into sport. You are either playing sports or you are not. Sport has certain demands that exist regardless of who is playing. If you body is not completely ready to meet those demands and you choose to play anyway that can be risky. Especially when coming out of an injury or pain set back.

Here is the Truth:

To get back in the game with full confidence that you can play, sprint, squat, explode, and dominate your opponent, crush the activity, or keep up with the bundle of energy you need to follow a stepwise process to expose your body to that stress. I tell people all the time in the clinic that if the most strenuous thing you do is your sport/activity, there is a good chance you will get hurt or develop pain doing that thing. But if you challenge your body beyond the demands of your activity, consistently, in a controlled environment you risk of injury goes way way down. Check out this video as I break down the NRG Physio L3 model for strength and conditioning and ultimately returning to whatever you want to be doing:

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