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Navigating Your Way From Injury To Return To Sport: Rehab

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Navigating Your Way From Injury To Return To Sport: Rehab

Bad Advice:

I can’t think of worse advice than “when your pain is gone you can slowly return to sport.” This is one of the reasons why so many people are living with chronic pain. It doesnt matter if your sport is crossfit, basketball, or gardening. If you have pain and simply return to the activity when the pain is gone, you will inevitably end of in the pain –>return to activity–>pain cycle. The reason this happens is because pain is an indicator that something else, somewhere else is not functioning like it should. If time is never taken to address the underlying cause of the pain (which is typically traced back to a poor movement pattern) then chronic and cyclical pain is inevitable. Check out this video that addresses what self rehab and formal rehab shoulder look like and what problems it should address if you are going to get to the bottom of your pain, resolve its problems, and decrease risk of future incidence:

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