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NRG Physiotherapy
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19:09 17 May 24
I love NRG.I have been in back pain for over 6 years and went to 2 different places to get relief and it didn't work.A friend of mine that went to NRG told me about them and said they do a great job and helped him out so I said I would try them.I so glade I did.It was getting hard for me to walk with out pain.From day one with Kaden I had relief.I am telling you it is worth the money.I want to say thank you to Kaden and Chad.You really save my life.
janki desaijanki desai
11:32 01 May 24
I had a very bad SI joint pain while I was walking or doing any extraneous activity. I decided to go to NRG physio; Dr. Kaden the PT who have talked with me about my problems and he did some test and explained me what is going on with me. With all his magic when he caught my trigger points my pain has been gone (KOW). I feel much better and I can walk with no pain in one sitting with him. I appreciate your time and thank you so much for your help!!
Angie GrantAngie Grant
11:48 09 Apr 24
A newer diagnosis of Spondylolisthesis and incredible pain for the first 2-3 hours of the day looked like was going to sideline me from Crossfit. After 10 weeks of doctor recommended PT, I was beginning to think that this pain was my new normal, it was affecting my mental and emotional well-being too. However, a chance encounter with Kaden, of NRG, led me to try a keystone reset for 2 weeks. Today is day 7 and as unbelievable as it sounds, I woke up pain free for the first time in 3+ months. I literally feel like a million bucks. I strongly recommend giving NRG a try!
Jacob BillsJacob Bills
12:31 28 Mar 24
This place is great! These guys are very knowledgeable on health and wellness. They provide custom plans based on your specific health goals. They are also great with physical therapy and helping you fix pain that you may be having as well. Check these guys out if your feeling any physical pain or just looking for some help reaching your health goals. You will not be disappointed!
Kara GoughKara Gough
14:09 21 Mar 24
Beth ToneyBeth Toney
18:24 15 Feb 24
I have been a runner all my life until knee issues completely stopped me and caused me pain even walking. I went to another doctor who wanted to give me a shot, pain meds and some horrible PT they offered and discussed surgery. After dealing with this for a long time, gaining weight and getting to the worst shape I have ever been in - I saw an ad for knee pain. After one visit with NRG (and Dr Kaden), I felt better than I have in a long time. I signed up for several sessions and with those and the work from home instructions they provide, I am back to running pain free and planning on doing the mini this year. They are worth every penny and doing it with no drugs or surgery. Thank you NRG!
LeeAnn MeyerLeeAnn Meyer
14:03 22 Sep 23
After the first visit I felt immediate relief! I’ve been having shoulder problems for a couple years and have increased range of motion just in one week. I’m devoted to trying to get my old tired body more active and will continue with the exercises! I’ll post more as the time goes on.
Christa GoebesChrista Goebes
12:25 20 Sep 23
I was referred to NRG due to chronic back pain in March. After only a few weeks of easy daily stretching exercises and some tough love, I was able to start exercising again! NRG taught me proper lifting and squatting techniques that immediately changed how my back, knees, and shoulders felt when working out. They held me accountable when it came to daily exercise and that’s just what I needed to get back on track. I would highly recommend NRG!
02:14 16 Sep 23
Today was my 3rd visit to NRG, and so far I’m experiencing great results!! The team at NRG, are all very nice, and the atmosphere is great as well. I’ve been burned a lot of times by Dr.’s, Chiropractors, injections and the list goes on, unfortunately!! I thought I’d give NRG a shot, I feel like I’ve tried everything else, except back surgery and I’m not doing that! So, I thought I’d give this place a shot and go into this with an open heart and mind!! And I’m so very very glad I did!! It’s my 3rd time going and I already feel less pain in my back, shoulder, and hips! And I can’t wait to see how great I feel after this program!! I’m so grateful for this place!!! So, if you’re feeling skeptical like I was, DON’T! This team at NRG is where it’s at!! Sign up today and start feeling like a teenager again!!! I’m lovin it!
Jonathan JacksonJonathan Jackson
20:45 15 Sep 23
I've been to several doctors and therapist and the NRG team where the first to help. Extremely knowledgeable and excellent service.
Robert LaneRobert Lane
19:48 11 Sep 23
Great experience with Dr. Chad. He not only took care of knee and shoulder pain but cleaned up my squat and pull-up form. From stretching and mobility to nutrition and weightlifting plans, Dr. Chad has improved my fitness and helped me reach my health and mobility goals. At 57, I set my personal best deadlift, my mobility continues to improve and my BP and Cholesterol levels are at 5 year lows.
Lisa BaumanLisa Bauman
19:42 09 Sep 23
NRG Physiotherapy has been a game changer for me. I just turned 60 and I do CrossFit. I began to have issues of all kinds from past accidents and wear and tear on my body. I play rough. I was referred to Dr Chad by a friend. One by one, Dr Chad has worked out my issues. He also has given me the tools to help myself. I was reluctant to go to NRG Physiotherapy because it is an hour and 20 minutes from my house. I am so happy that I made that first trip to see Dr Chad. I had several issues and suddenly lost my grip. Dr Chad helped me to get my grip back in one session, and then I got homework to continue to strengthen and heal.I continue to drive to Plainfield to see Dr. Chad. As I said before, I am 60 and I play rough. I absolutely love CrossFit !!!! I also love NRG Physiotherapy and Dr. Chad. If not for Dr. Chad, my CrossFit days would most likely be over.Thank You Dr Chad and NRG Physiotherapy!!!!!
Eric CottongimEric Cottongim
11:55 12 Jun 23
I could not be happier with the help I received from Dr. Chad and staff at NRG Physio for my shoulder pain, I responded to a Facebook add which I normally would be skeptical about but I am so glad I did, went for the free consult and could tell immediately upon my arrival that it is different from other PT places I had been in the past, I signed on for a weekly program and within the first few visits I could start to feel some relief, One of the things I was most impressed with was how they took the time to explain in detail what was going on with my joints that were causing me the pain, they gave me diffent exercises to do at home to help in the progress and added and changed these as the shoulder got better, in a matter of about 6 months time my shoulder went from about 50 % full range/motion to about 95% and at my 62 years of age I am back in the gym working out as I was before the setback with Zero pain, I Highly recommend NRG Physio.Eric CottongimBrownsburg IN.
Keena RichardsonKeena Richardson
09:39 25 May 23
Chad helped me resolve issues I’ve been dealing with for 5-10 years. Explained things in a way I never heard before to help me understand what was going on. The home exercises were unique and showed me things I’ve never seen before. Helped me a lot, thank you so much. It feel’s awesome to walk normally again and for the times I don’t even notice my R side anymore. After dealing with this for so long to finally have some relief and for my R side to feel the same as my L, I can’t express enough gratitude. Thank you again 😊
22:44 18 May 23
My name is Chrislyn Potesta.NRG Physio practically saved my life! I do not know where I would be at in my recovery without the help of Dr. Chad! I developed frozen shoulder and was in incredible pain and very limited mobility in my right shoulder. I had been to 5 different doctors, had several steroid injections, tons of scans and tons of physical therapy. I was not getting the relief or making the progress that I was expecting. I was at the end of my rope until I met with Dr. Chad. He gave me hope where I had none at the time. I signed up for a 10 week program and yes it was painful and yes it was difficult but it was 100% worth it because for the first time in a YEAR of developing frozen shoulder, I was experiencing a complete transformation in my range of movement! I am doing things that I thought I would never be able to do again! I have Dr. Chad to thank for that! His positive attitude and determination to truly help me, was exactly what I needed to get my life back! I’ve learned so much and I’m thankful that I now have the tools to continue my journey of healing. I can not recommend NRG Physio enough! I promise you will not regret it!
Kelsey RizziKelsey Rizzi
20:05 09 May 23
Dr Kaden and Dr Chad are absolutely amazing! No one has ever taken this approach with me and it is truely life changing. I have 2 torn rotator cuff’s and the amount of relief I have gotten with them is unbelievable. I love NRG!
16:46 12 Apr 23
Kaden is awesome! I haven’t been able to squat for about a year. After six sessions with Kaden, I was able to squat again without pain. I had tried other therapist without relief of my pain. Highly recommended.
M'Liss KellerM'Liss Keller
18:39 28 Jan 23
What attracted me to NRG Physio was their philosophy to treat the entire body even though it was only shoulder pain I was experiencing. During my evaluation with Chad I was given a thorough exam. I left with with videos of customized exercises and stretches to perform daily at home in between visits. I also began functional exercises with Kaden. Soon my shoulder no longer hurt and I could again sleep on my right side. I’ve continued my membership because I get physical therapy and workouts customized to my particular needs. Its been about a year and a half since my first visit and I feel stronger than ever and free of shoulder pain.
My name Is Mike Allen of Lebanon In. I had tore some muscles in my shoulder doing butterfly’s with 20lb dumbbells. Over the next 6-12 months I lost more and mor used of my left arm and was in constant pain. I had trying hard not to use it and let it heal. But at the 12 month mark I had lost about 80% use. At 61-62 years old. I was set up to have a X-ray when I saw NGR on Fb. A first time special evaluation got me in the door.Pay attention now ! After the first one hour session I knew they were going to get my movement back! After one visit!! My Pain level was dropping off with every week. 6 weeks later I had learned how to do a lot of different things anyone can do at home if a muscle is damaged. I learned to watch how I work out to avoid hurting myself.This 6 weeks was worth every Penny. I am once again able to do pushups and move my arm into almost any position with out pain on it’s own!So please for your own good give this a try. I gave you enough info to look me up on Fb. Just ask me.Mike Allen
Bailey SchoberBailey Schober
17:04 16 Dec 22
After about five months of constant shoulder pain when doing any type of pressing movement in the gym and from throwing in softball, I had to figure out a way to get rid of my shoulder pain. I resorted to deep tissue therapy, cupping, scraping, electrotherapy, and anything you could think of I tried with no results.Within one session of working with Kaden, he showed me a few movements that immediately alleviated my shoulder pain allowing me to press pain-free in the gym again. I've had 3 sessions with him now and have been doing the exercises he's prescribed me to 3-4 times a week and I am just about 85% pain-free now and feeling ten times better with a much better range of motion as well. The trigger point therapy performed on my shoulder also relieved 100% of the pain in my posterior and medial deltoid as well and very thankful for that.Kaden and Chad take the time to get to know you, figure out the exact source of the pain, and teach you how to attack it and get it feeling better without having to stop doing what you love which for me was lifting in the gym and softball.I highly recommend seeing these two if you are having any constant pain as I'm sure they will be able to help you!
Angela MooreAngela Moore
14:31 05 Oct 22
I started therapy with Dr. Kaden on September 12 for frozen shoulder and a rotator cuff injury. I had very little range of motion with my shoulder and was in so much pain that I was barely getting 3 hours of broken up sleep at night. After dry needling by Dr. Chad (huge improvement for pain, highly recommend), Dr. Kaden working with my shoulder and the exercises he has taught me to do, my range of motion has greatly improved and im able to sleep without waking up all throughout the night in pain. Not only is Dr. Kaden great at what he does, but he is very personable and cares about his patient and what he does to make them better. I was feeling very discouraged about my limitations and the options other doctors were giving me before coming to NRG. I am so thankful I saw their add and responded. The best choice I have made when dealing with my shoulder. Only regret is not going to them sooner! I HIGHLY recommend NRG Physiotherapy!!!
Tim CampbellTim Campbell
13:59 16 Sep 22
I highly recommend NRG! Dr. Chad truly cares about his patients and has a love for helping them achieve their goals.I was having issues with my shoulders (or so I thought) that was also causing me to get tension headaches. Described all of my symptoms to Dr. Chad and he immediately started treating my pelvis! I was a little shocked, but after the first session I noticed a marked difference in my shoulders and neck. He put together an at home program for me to do between visits and all of it centered around realigning my pelvis/hips area. At the next appointment he started to work more on the shoulder/neck area and suggested dry needling to target specific muscles that had tensed up because of my pelvis being out of alignment. Again, after this session, Dr. Chad added some more at home stretches/workouts to continue with my treatment. After these two sessions alone, almost all of the shoulder/neck issues I had were completely gone and I was no longer getting tension headaches. This was all several months ago and I'm still pain free to this day! Now, anytime I start getting the same symptoms, I have a program of stretches I can do on my own to relieve it. I not only love that Dr. Chad helped me get better, but that he also gave me the tools to keep healthy after I was done visiting him! I cannot recommend this doctor or business enough!
02:12 08 Sep 22
I highly recommend NRG! Would give more stars if I could.It started with a lunch and learn where Dr Chad described my condition perfectly - leg length discrepancy, curved spine and back pain. So I made an appointment and walked out that same day with my lower back pain relieved after the pelvic reset. And lo and behold, both legs the same length!So I signed up for fitness sessions not expecting much since I’m 72 and have worked out with many trainers over the years and have been injured by the workouts multiple times. But this was way different! The workouts are awesome, beneficial and safe. I’m stronger than I ever thought I would be, my balance is better and my pain is minimal to none. I love the workouts - challenging and purposeful. Dr Chad is knowledgeable, smart and fun. He puts together a program tailored for me to enable me to get stronger without injury.Oh, and I drive 40 minutes from my home in Carmel to Plainfield and it’s more than worth it. It’s that awesome!
Isaac M.Isaac M.
15:46 13 Aug 22
As a high school athlete and football player I came to NRG in need of a solution for a nagging lower back and hip issue. I had been to see other sports physical therapists before; and I would get some relief, but the pain always came back. From the first appointment it was obvious Dr. Chad and Dr. Kaden provide much more than other physical therapy treatments. The pain not only resolved, but I was able to reach a new level of fitness through strength training and other sport focused exercises. Further developing into a well-rounded athlete and getting back on the field with more power and explosiveness than ever before. I am now fully confident to progress into a college career, equipped with the knowledge to stay strong and injury free!
Harley ShanklinHarley Shanklin
13:57 19 Jul 22
Short on time? NRG is awesome! If not in a hurry, read on!I heard about NRG Physiotherapy and Chad through my gym after sustaining an injury during a workout in 2019. I was in severe pain and had very limited mobility. I had been to other physical therapists in the past after similar injuries, but none had ever seemed to help.Chad and the NRG team took a different approach to help me. Rather than simply ask a few questions and test my pain and movement they did a full and complete evaluation. They were able to discover things that no other therapist had seen or taken the time to discover. They were able to connect other issues that would hinder/slow my recovery and in doing so developed a plan specific to me, my body, and my goals.What normally would have taken me months to recover took weeks before I was back at it and even better than before. There were no "blurry", black and white print-outs of generic stretches and exercises handed to me followed by "do these everyday, then come back in a week and tell me how they felt." Everything I received was very specific to me and included detailed video instructions as well as a custom and progressive plan.Bottom line, NRG and their amazing team do not have a "magic wand" to wave over you that will make you better. For me, it was not "pain free", but anyone who has ever dealt with real pain will understand that. I can say that I always left my sessions feeling better than when I arrived. At the completion of my plan I was 100% recovered and then some! I was stronger and more mobile than I had been in years. I cannot recommend NRG enough!
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