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We help people achieve Pain Freedom by teaching the skills and strategies they need to never get stuck with pain again.

Even if they have already tried and failed with primary care, ortho specialties, chiropractics, physical therapy, medications, injections, and surgeries with a treatment approach that is breaking all the norms of healthcare and physical therapy. 

Go Beyond Pain Relief. Let NRG Show You How To Achieve Pain Freedom.

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We are the most comprehensive rehab solution you will EVER find.

Being stuck with pain for long periods of time is frustrating. It is even more frustrating when you are trying EVERYTHING to reduce your pain and NOTHING is working. The truth is… if you want to reduce or remove pain you have to stop trying to treat the pain itself. Where you feel pain is NEVER where the problem is and that is why you are struggling to get the results you want. 

N: Next Level Diagnosis

Functional diagnosis is the critical element to estabilishing effective treatment for the underlying problems that create pain. It is IMPOSSIBLE to correctly treat an incorrect diagnosis and most people are getting a diagnosis that only states where the pain is. With our comprehensive evaluation we will find every tight joint, painful muscle, and movement limitation you have to understand how your body is working as a unit and why you are experiencing pain wherever you are feeling it.

R: Remarkable Treatment

After a full body evaluation we can begin to target each problem area in your body. Making minor changes in all areas of restriction creates massive changes in the primary pain site in just
1-2 sessions. The keys to long term success come from freeing every joint and muscle that is limited so you can move with improved technique & limit movement compensations. The best part… We teach you how to do it all yourself in just 10-15 minutes a day so you can enjoy that success for a lifetime.

G: Guaranteed Results

Working with us will be the best decision you make for your physical health. But seeing us once a week is not nearly as effective as 10-15 minutes of targeted mobility and movement work each day. We teach our clients how to be successful in daily self care with short duration, targeted, advanced self care techniques in joint mobility, muscle health, and how to move correctly so they can be independent with pain mangement, mobility management, and movement management. 

See What Our Clients Have To Say:

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Example Diagnosis:
Shoulder Pain

Let’s say you have received a diagnosis of shoulder impingment or rotator cuff tendinitis. Traditional evaluations will verify impingement or tendinitis and treat the local source of pain but will not figure out why you got tedinitis or impingement in the first place. Evaluation will focus only on your shoulder.

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Example Treamtent:
Shoulder Pain

You have been diagnosed and are now moving into treatment. Traditonal treatments include passive stretching into basic positions, light theraband work, and electric sitmulation, ultrasound, heat and ice. Everything is focused ENTIRELY on the shoulder. But remember: Pain is NEVER where the problem is.

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Example Outcome:
Shoulder Pain

You traditional therapy is coming to a close for 1 of 3 reasons: You left because you did not have a great experience, you ran out of approved visits, or your plan of care was complete and no more progress is being made. You still spent time, money, energy, and effort but have little to show for it.

See How NRG Does It

It is more than just pain relief. It is PAIN FREEDOM.

Finally understand the cause of your pain, the pathway to relief, and why you have not been getting the results you want and deserve!

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You Have A Choice To Make.

Keep letting your pain slow you down and prevent you from doing what you want 
Get out of pain and start doing the things you love.

A goal without a plan is just a wish. 
Stop wishing your pain would go away and let NRG Physio help you
come up with a plan to help you get out of pain,
meet your goals, and enjoy the things you love doing again!

You are the hero of your own journey. We are just here to help you get where you want go.

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