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Get In Motion. Stay In Motion.

We help active adults, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts get out of pain and enjoy life again!

Even if they have already tried and failed with primary care, ortho specialties, chiroporactics, physical therapy, medications, injections, and surgeries.

NRG Physio is your A.C.E. in the hole.

A.C.E is our 3 Step Process that guides you to PAIN FREEDOM!

A: Accurate Dx

Accurate diagnosis is the key to success and the first step in estabilishing effective treatment for root cause. Evaluating the full body is the only way to create an accurate diagnosis that can guide a comprehensive treatment for your pain!

C: Comprehensive Tx

After a full body evaluation we can begin to target each problem area in your body. Making minor changes in all areas of restriction creates massive changes in the primary pain site in just
1-2 sessions! Pain relief is right around the corner.

E: Excellent Rx

We develop a plan designed to get you pain free, and keep you moving well and feeling great by creating tiny self care routines that go along with routines you already have. This makes performing your self care seamless and simple!

Your Deserve To Be Pain Free. We can help you get there.

You Have A Choice To Make.

Keep letting your pain slow you down and prevent you from doing what you want 
Get out of pain and start doing the things you love.

A goal without a plan is just a wish. 
Stop wishing your pain would go away and let NRG Physio help you
come up with a plan to help you get out of pain,
meet your goals, and start doing the things you love again!

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