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Month: June 2022


Prevention is a unique concept. It doesn’t matter if you are an athlete, work a heavy labor job, or just want to get out in the yard with your grandkids to play. Prevention is an umbrella concept for life and is woven throughout preparation and performance. And of course takes its own place in self…
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Invest. Don’t Spend.

You always spend more money than you planned so it might as well be on the outcome you want to get. Going to the doctor for pain will cost you more time, energy, effort, and money than you ever thought you’d spend and buy you an outcome that will never justify what you spent. Meds,…
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Stretching Does Not Work

Stretching is one of the most highly recommended activities given by healthcare professionals for pain, tightness, or stiffness. It is a staple of traditional physical therapy and prescribed to every patient that walks throughout the door in almost every treatment center on the planet. But… It is over-utilized, over prescribed, and allows clinicians to overlook…
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Weakness ≠ Pain

Just like pain is not caused by having more birthdays, pain is NOT caused by weakness. If anyone tells you that you have pain because a certain muscle is weak they are narrow minded, near sighted, and lack understanding of how the body is knit together and truly works as a unit. An easy example…
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