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Weakness ≠ Pain

Weakness ≠ Pain

Just like pain is not caused by having more birthdays, pain is NOT caused by weakness. If anyone tells you that you have pain because a certain muscle is weak they are narrow minded, near sighted, and lack understanding of how the body is knit together and truly works as a unit. An easy example is this:

There are 98 year olds who are weak as a kitten…literally can’t get out of their chair…but have no pain. There are body builders and strong men who can lift a truck and are loaded with pain.

The two things just don’t equate. Ever.

For most people, especially active ones, weakness is actually muscle inhibition. A joint that is controlled by that muscle is not working correctly and the muscle “turns off” or becomes inhibited. Addressing the weakness first will not strengthen the muscle in question. It will only strength the compensations around that muscle until the joint is corrected. You can do Clam Shells until the cows come home and never actually work the gluteus medius.

Address the joint first and strength pops back almost immediately along with improved movement control, better overall positions throughout the available range of motion, and pain relief. 

But the real solution does not come from a joint reset.

Here are a series of questions we always ask ourselves to get to the root:

1. Where is the pain?

2. Why is it there? (this always point to a movement problem)

3. Why does the movement problem exist? (this always points to multiple joint stiffness)

4. Why does this person have this specific set of joint stiffness? (this always points to lifestyle)

5. Why do these lifestyle habits exist and how can we change them?

You can see how just addressing pain = FAILURE and how it has nothing to do with weakness. The real solution is 5 why’s deep and unless you help people manage their habits its impossible to help them manage their joints, their movements, and their pain.

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