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Age Is Only A Number

Age Is Only A Number

If pain is a part of being old why doesn’t everyone your age and older feel just as bad as you or worse? If bone spurs are a natural process why do all people not have to have bone spurs removed surgically? If discs herniate because of wear and tear why do all people not eventually have spinal fusions? You see what I am getting at here.

Pain has nothing to do with age. You are not old until you are dead. Until then you are just aging and how you do that is entirely up to you. Pain is not the problem. Having another birthday is not the problem.You, and only you, are the problem. Your habits, your movements, your lack of movement, your totally deconditioned body. Those are all active or passive decisions YOU made. Great news though. This means you are also the solution.

You don’t need drugs, injections, MRIs, or surgery. Sometimes surgery is required. Not as often as people are having it though. Even less required is an MRI for just taking a deeper look, getting peace of mind, or any other lame excuse to have an image of your insides. MRI is pre-surgical. That’s it. Injecting for pain and medicating are just cover ups that do not address the real problem. Remember? Habits, movements, lack of movement, and deconditioning.

Don’t seek pain relief. Seek small habit changes, better movement practices, and strength beyond what your life requires. Pain will take care of ITSELF if you take care of YOURSELF. Find resources that can help you become independent in self care, movement practice, and habit change. If you need help from a professional to get you there…get it. It’s worth it when you choose the right professional. Investing in yourself to understand how to take care of yourself, movebetter, and become resilient pays dividends across the lifespan.

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