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Month: June 2019

“Itis” vs. “Osis”- A Chronic Misunderstanding of Inflammation

Acute vs. Chronic Pain Management: When treating patient and athletes in the clinic and gym I frequently hear things like “yeah, I have had this tendinitis for years now.” Or “I have had chronic inflammation in my knee ever since my knee surgery a few years ago.” And while tendinitis is real and chronic inflammation…
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Pain: What it is and how to deal with it correctly

Pain is an inevitability if you are an avid mover. But how we think about it and how we manage it are critical. Especially if we are going to emerge on the other side without chronic deficits and dysfunction. As a therapist, I encounter people daily who are in pain. Because of this, it has…
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Icing Injuries Part 2: Remove and Replace

Educating people on the detriments of icing injuries is a lot of fun for me. But it is not well received if you don’t give people a more viable option. We cant simply remove an idea or treatment method that has been so ingrained for so long. We have to remove it, and then replace…
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Myth Buster: Icing Injuries

Ice gets FDA approval for cooling hot soup! Icing injuries has been going on for so long now we are only doing it because we have always done it? But have we really evaluated if it works? What does the research actually say? And is what we are doing with ice helpful or not as…
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