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Instability: Active vs. Passive

Case Study Follow Up: Misdiagnosed with passive instability. Just because true instability is not present does not mean movement patterns are normal. An over-stable joint, or joint with limited joint mobility, can create true instabilities if left unchecked. This video is a follow up on an athlete from a previous video. An MRI was prescribed…
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Early Diagnostic Imaging: Case Study

Taking a solid history, moving methodically through functional movement testing and special tests are what drive an accurate diagnosis. Diagnosis drives an accurate treatment. And accurate treatment drives best patient results and outcomes. When diagnosis is left up to imaging of anatomy alone, because of early diagnostic imaging, it is easy to come up with…
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Myth Buster: Sciatica & Low Back Pain

Pain in the Low Back is not always Low Back Pain. Low back pain is one of the most common pain sites. As an added bonus a lot of people are getting pain down into their hips, thighs, and sometimes all the way to the foot. Pain travelling down the leg is classically taught as…
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“Itis” vs. “Osis”- A Chronic Misunderstanding of Inflammation

Acute vs. Chronic Pain Management: When treating patient and athletes in the clinic and gym I frequently hear things like “yeah, I have had this tendinitis for years now.” Or “I have had chronic inflammation in my knee ever since my knee surgery a few years ago.” And while tendinitis is real and chronic inflammation…
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Pain: What it is and how to deal with it correctly

Pain is an inevitability if you are an avid mover. But how we think about it and how we manage it are critical. Especially if we are going to emerge on the other side without chronic deficits and dysfunction. As a therapist, I encounter people daily who are in pain. Because of this, it has…
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