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The Ultimate Guide To Sports Medicine

The Ultimate Guide To Sports Medicine

I just happened across this article online a couple weeks ago and the title got my intrigued right of that back. It was like click-bait for me. But only because I am a super nerd when it comes to this type of stuff. Anyway… The title of the article is The Ultimate Guide To Sports Medicine. When I read that my first thought was “thats pretty bold.” To call something ULTIMATE means a lot. You will see that definition broken down in the video but basically it means that the ultimate thing is the best and nothing else can do better.

To see this type of article produced from a large medical organization makes it easy to think that it very well may be the ultimate guide. But it turns out that under a more critical eye, of someone who is bent on changing the medical industry for the better, who wants to educate people with facts rather than conventional wisdom and common knowledge, there are actually a lot of gaps to fill in this ULTIMATE guide to sports medicine. 

I will reiterate this in the video: This video and article are not about who wrote the guide, what organization put this info out there, or any of the doctors that are quoted in the guide. The info in the guide is mainstream and common knowledge to most. But with something like this we have to view it through the lens of the average consumer who may or may not know too much about injury and return to sport, and how to navigate the medical minefield to get safely to the other side. In this case, its important to take something the claims to be the ultimate and decide if it can actually hold up under scrutiny. Keep your eyes peeled for more videos on the ultimate guide to sports medicine as we work our way through the guide to fill in some blanks, bridge some gaps, and ultimately come up with a better solution to get from injury back to sport.


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