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What We Believe

NRG Physiotherapy was founded on the idea that Patient comes first. We believe true healthcare is actually wellness and prevention. Healthcare, and physical therapy especially, has become completely reactive to problems rather that proactive. The “wait until it breaks, then fix it” mentality is costing patients time, money, and quality of life.

NRG Physiotherapy puts the patients goals first, and pursues overall health and wellness with our patients by placing emphasis on sleep health, stress management, nutrition, and movement health. If you want to do CrossFit, we will restore you all the way back to CrossFit safely and effectively. If you want to run a marathon, we will help you run as far as you could ever want to run. If you want keep up with your kids or grand kids without pain, we will make them have to keep up with you instead. We do this by getting you out of pain quickly then teaching you to move well and maintain your body so you can stay active throughout the entire lifespan.

We also believe in educating our community by providing access to a consistent stream of video and blog content to help people move better, feel better, and live pain free high performance lives!

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