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Remarkable Treatment

Remarable Treatment:
The most comprehsensive solutions in rehab.

NRGs proprietary treatment methods branch out into ALL other contributing factors to the painful site with advanced techniques in active joint mobilizations, soft tissue work, and the highest level of movement knowledge and training as it relates to mobility, stability, and pain.

The way you move will control the way you feel. The way you move is controlled by how well your joints move. And the way your joints move is controlled by your lifestyle habits like sitting too much, driving, sleeping, eating, and binge watching netflix. Understanding how to loosen the joints and create tiny habit changes to keep your joints moving well is the key to feeling better and making it stick. Our treatments center around loosening the your joints, teaching your how to keep them loose, and helping your navigate your day to day to see where we can make tiny changes so you can make great progress.

Another unique separation we have at NRG is that traditional rehab centers are unable to treat multiple body parts in the same session and can only do one session per day. This means treatment 4-5 days per week to solve different pain regions. Most of these treatments will be delivered by a rehab aide and not your DPT.

NRG can do it all in one hour or less per week and is delivered entirely by a Physio Doc.

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