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Potential NRG

The Ultimate Premium Rehab Experience.

With NRG Pro we start with the PAIN FREEDOM evaluation. During the evaluation will will identify restrictions throughout the entire body, gage the scope of work needed to resolve the restrictions, and come up with a game plan to get the results you are looking for. We take a deep dive into body work, movement work, and designing custom routines to help you meet your fitness, wellness, and movement goals without fear and anxiety of certain movements or re-injury. Based on your evaluation we will come up with how many visits you will need to achieve your goals. Our most common plan is a 10 session package that follows our clients out over roughly 5 months. We like this timeline because most people will do anything they would normally do within a 5 month span. This allows us to better manage, modify, scale, and progress our clients over time with fewer setbacks!

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