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Our Story

I know what you are going through. I had numerous injuries, lingering pain, and 4 surgeries. I’ve seen multiple providers that didn’t know what to do. Been in waiting rooms for hours. Had physicians and therapists who told me I needed to quit what I loved, and treated me for too long with no results. My rehab after surgery was always missing something. I never thought I completely got what I needed. And never felt ready to return to the normal life of an athlete when I was discharged. This is not how I ever wanted to treat my patients after graduating with my DPT. After working in high volume clinics for almost 5 years I realized that I had been providing the service I swore I never would. I had a decision to make.

I could continue providing a mediocre service to 2, 3, and sometimes 4 patients at a time, or I could jump ship and provide people with the physiotherapy they deserve. NRG Physiotherapy was founded on the belief that people who are in pain deserve solutions to their problems, not just treatments for their symptoms. We recognized the over utilization of advanced imaging and speciality referrals that drive poor outcomes, over use of medications, injections, and even surgeries. We vowed to have the most thorough evaluation and diagnostic process of any physical therapy center to be able to provide comprehensive care that gets people well and keeps them out of the surgery center.

Our one on one treatment is designed for one purpose: Meeting the PATIENTS goals. Not the goals of the rehab center. Not the goals of another doctor. And certainly not the goals of an insurance company. If your goal is running, you will run during a session. If your goal is to return to a sport, you will play that sport during a session. No more setting patients loose and saying “now that your pain is gone you can ease back into it.” Together as a team, NRG and its clients will pursue goals until those goals become reality.

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