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Next Level Diagnosis

Next Level Diagnosis:
The Most Comprehsensive Functional Diagnosis In Rehab

NRG’s next level diagnosis will highlight not only any shoulder limitations you have, but also your elbows, wrists, spine, pelvis, hips, knees, and even ankles… all of which can contribute to shoulder pain. We will also highlight your lifestyle habits that lead to tight joints, muscles, and limited movements.

In this case its important to understand that the shoulder has pain and is stressed out because other joints and muscles around it are not sharing the load correctly. Understanding how everything should be working together is paramount to minimizing the stress on the shoulder and completely solving the problem.

By taking the time to understand everything that is contributing to your pain we can develop the most comprehsensive program possible to target every limitation. Making 1 degree shifts in all the right places always leads to a major shift in pain and function.

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