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Guaranteed Results

Guaranteed Results:
The most complete outcomes in rehab.

Many people we see at NRG exit traditional physical therapy, chiropractics, or some other type of care like medications, injections, or even surgeries and still have pain, joint limitations, and nothing to show for it except a 45 minute home exercise program of all the things they have been doing in the clinic for the past 8 weeks and a referral back to the doctor.

At NRG, we are committed to YOUR DESIRED OUTCOME. We make sure you are set up with everything you need to be successful in your physical health journey with deep education in self management. We back our results with an action based guarantee tracking towards achieving your desired outcome, following through with our short duration, targeted, self care protocols, and appropriately managing your movements.

We are fully commited to your result. We are so confident that you will get exactly what you want and need if you commit to what we teach and follow through with your homework that we will work with you until the problem is solved and your desired outcome is acheived…at no additional cost to you.

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