The NRG Rx program is our premier membership based model designed to get you pain free, keep you pain free, continuously improve your mobility, and develop better movement mastery over time. After years of clinical experience and treating thousands of patients we learned a lot about people, pain, and progressions. 

We took that knowledge and developed systems for correctly diagnosing and treating pain based on thorough patient history, common pain patterns, and the associated joint, muscle, and movement limitations that follow. We call this our PAIN FREEDOM Evaluation. This is the foundation of the NRG Rx program that allows us to create movement and self care programming designed to reduce pain, improve functional movement, and develop lifelong habits of movement wellness!

NRG Rx Program Includes:

8 - 1 Hour Sessions

10 -30 Minute Sessions

That Can Be Used For:

NRG Rx is the key to getting pain free, staying pain free, and making sure your body is always ready for whatever comes next!

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