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NRG Health

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NRG Health

NRG Health is designed to integrate with employers as a true partner in health and wellness. Our mission is to end the negative cycle of healthcare that leads people to unnecessary medications, injections, images, and surgeries that end up costing employees and employers time and money. By becoming the dedicated entry point for physical pain we can bypass the costs of primary care, speciality care, medications, injections, MRIs and X-Rays, and even surgeries. But we still understand that primary care is important for managing other health concerns and chronic conditions that are some of the most costly to our employers.

This is why we package up NRG Health to be able to serve our clients in the best way possible with Primary Care, Physical Care, and strategic partnership in the community to improve employee health, control the quality of care received, and decrease healthcare spending in the process. By using a text engagement platform to engage with all our patients they are able to access care easily, and we are able to better manage their care by staying in front of them in an intentional way for both primary and physio care. Now with biometric screening for chronic health conditions we are able to implement programs and strategies for employees to create real change in their health with additional layers of support and accountability built in through text engagement. This not only creates a unique relationship with our patients but has significant power to decrease overall healthcare spending for the company.

What We Provide

Physiotherapy + Primary Care Services

Disease Management + Prevention

Nutrition Programming + Accountability

Fitness Services + Long Term Wellness

NRG Health has the capacity to provide a comprehensive and integrative medical service. We also provide physiotherapy services in collaboration with current medical providers to create an integrative care model that maximizes patient wellness and ROI for the employer.

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