Increasing Cost. Decreasing Reimbursement.

Insurance based clinics all over the nation are being faced with the same problem. The costs of doing business is increasing each year while reimbursements for services are going down. Clinicians expect to be paid more each year, with better benefits, and more paid time off. Rent is trickling upwards along with insurance, the cost of equipment, and minimum wage for support staff. Decreasing reimbursements year over year are becoming problematic for many insurance based rehab centers as it is significantly impacting profit margins and growth opportunities. There has never been a better time to add a cash based revenue stream into your practice that stays true to the reason your clinic exists: Helping people get pain free and enjoy their lives. 

NRG360 Live Is Your Partner In Digital Rehab.

NRG360 Live is a digital rehab service that can be deployed on your website as a chat bot, on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or delivered via text messaging. By engaging with potential clients on each of these mediums it opens your practice up to opportunities with people who are already engaging with your content but may not be ready to come to the clinic. Offering people a digital solution will not only help you provide value to someone who is not ready for a clinical experience but will also keep you top of mind whenever they have a critical need for in-person services.


So many people that visit your site, see your ads, and follow you on social media will never convert to clinical patients but they still need your help. Having digital options, down sell options, and a place for patients to start that is not in the clinic will position your brand to help people get started on a pathway to pain free and add cash revenue streams into your insurance based practice. 


Convert Website Traffic

Many website visitors are not ready or appropriate for a clinical plan of care but they are on your site because they are looking for help. Give them a head start with NRG360 Live. Offering a unique service online that is specific to a visitors needs will allow you to engage with your web traffic in a way that they have never experienced. 

Convert Marketing Leads

Some of your marketing leads are not ready to commit to a new relationship with a therapists but they are looking for help and ready to make purchases to help themselves get pain free. By having digital down sell options you can capture more leads and add cash revenue to your business without overloading clinical staff. 

Build Direct Access Marketing Lists

Direct Access marketing is the future of physical therapy. NRG360 will capture a potential clients data and help you build a list of potential clients. This will allow you to run more effective marketing campaigns and be strategic in your offers to those who already engaged your brand previously.

Evaluate. Diagnose. Treat. Anywhere. Anytime

NRG360 Live is the only musculoskeletal health platform in the world that delivers pre-clinical evaluations, diagnostics, and video based self care treatments via text message streams. The platform can be use through your existing site as a website chatbot, via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or a combination of each so you can engage with people no matter where they find you. Ultimately, the conversation will be driven to text messaging so people can access their self care content anywhere and at any time. 

Fully Automated Triage To Your Clinic

NRG360 Live delivers powerful self care programs to help people with pain and stiffness in their joints and muscles. It address most pain conditions and their root causes but also recognizes when more advanced care is needed. Through simple follow ups with active patients NRG360 will gather the info necessary to decide if someone is appropriate for traditional telemedicine or an in-person consultation. If you have telemedicine service available this is the preferred next step to continue to nurture leads towards continued progress with your brand and move them closer to a clinical plan of care. If telemedicine fails or is not available NRG360 Live will help patients schedule through your online booking systems. NRG360 Live runs itself from start to finish with no additional work to your clinicians or support staff until they show up to your clinic for an evaluation. 

With The Right Information, Education, and Tools
People Can Take Care Of Themselves

Our text messaging technology handles the information and education but people still need some basic tools to be able to take care of their own joints, muscles, and movements. As part of our robust self care platform we created a Musculoskeletal Self Care Kit that comes with everything people will need to follow along with the video based protocols and start their journey to pain freedom. The self care kit is the key to great results and helps launch the program once the kit is received. As an insurance based rehab center you can own these kits and make additional cash revenue through kit sales or we can simply fulfill kits for you. Check out the gallery below to see our unique self care kits packaging and tools.

Give Your Practice The Boost It Needs

It is estimated that 1 in 3 people could benefit from rehab but only about 10% of those people will ever end up in the clinic. Beyond that, only 30% of the people who go to therapy complete a full plan of care. This is due in large part to the time constraints and financial constraints that rehab plan of cares place on the patient. Many people end up not engaging with physical therapy simply because the only option is to see someone in person. Primary Care and many other specialties have moved towards virtual options knowing it is better for patients and allows them access to a group of people they could otherwise never work with. There is so much "low hanging fruit" in rehab with the amount of people that have a need for help but are unable to make it to the clinic for one reason or another. Give people access to your brand in a way that is affordable, accessible, and readily available without a heavy time, travel, and relational commitment and watch your cash value begin to grow!

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