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Don't Just Learn The Path To Pain Relief.
Learn The Path To Pain Freedom.

Common treatments for pain are only effective in the moment and rarely create lasting change. At the foundation of what we do at NRG is the understanding that pain is NEVER where the root cause problem is. That is why many treatments have temporary results and ultimately leave you hoping for more and looking for the next pain hack. 

Over the last 9 years NRG has developed a systematic approach to identifying the root cause of pain by understanding the interconnectedness of the human body through functional movement. By creating small changes in other areas of the body that are not moving well we have been able to create massive pain relief in the painful area without much work there.

We call it "The One Degree Physio."

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We Use A Simple 3 Step Process

To Get You From Where You Are Today To Where You Want To Be:

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Life Changing Opportunity

Our process and been tried and tested across thousands and thousands of patients visits and yielding great results every time. By treaching people the tools they need to be able to identifiy and resolve their own pain we have been able to give patients not just pain relief... but Pain Freedom!

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Phase #1: Midset Mastery

Understand what pain is, why you have it, and how to use it to your advantage to navigate your way out of it. 

Phase #2: Mobility Mastery

Understand how to implement our proprietary L3 Protocols: Loosen, Lengthen, Load to systematically decrease pain, restore joint mobility, and give your body the freedom to move with ease.

Phase #3: Movement Mastery

The way you move will control the way you feel. Learn what good movement should look and feel like so you can consistently use L3 Protocols to get closer and closer to ideal movement for your body. 

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